Jam of the summer from my buddies Greenhorse

Longform: Vicissitudes, CA by Bryan Hurt

New Story in Tikkun

A woman in a hole with a hand in her mouth

BLACK SUNDAY: New Short Fiction Series Reading

I’ll be featured at the New Short Fiction Series this Sunday at the Federal Bar

Real PROFESSIONAL actors will be performing my stories. 

There will be music by GREENHORSE


SEE YOU THERE »> https://www.facebook.com/events/113760785484740/ 

Today’s jam.

My new column is live at the always great Tin House. These interviews were lots of fun to conduct and are even more fun to share. 
Part One: T.C. Boyle, Amelia Gray, Lee K. Abbott, and Kelly Luce.
Part Two featuring Aimee Bender, Ryan McIlvain, and Bonnie Nadzam.
Part Three: Pauls Toutonghi, A.N. Devers, Jim Gavin, and Sean Bernard.  
Part Four: Jim Krusoe, Dana Johnson, and Aspen Matis.
Part Five: Sam Allingham 
Part Six: Stephan Clark, Josie Sigler, Apricot Irving, and Kyle Minor.

: An Open Bar Round Up: All Things Good


While we finally get around to working on our own fiction only to discover we still can’t write work feverishly over the holiday break to bring you more exciting blog diversions, we hope you’ll take a moment to revisit some of our favorite features that appeared on The Open Bar in…

Now you can listen: I went to Seattle and read some stories. I tossed out glow sticks. Rejoice!