A man, a moose, a ghost uncle. “The Sadness of Tycho Brahe’s Moose” in The American Reader

SPOILER: The last word, in “The Last Word,” is “me?”: Read it at Tikkun.

I wrote an “Art of the Sentence” for Tin House: “Broadening My Mind.” You can broaden yours by reading it here.

"The Dialogue of Dogs" at Nat. Brut. No such thing as asshole dogs you say?

Over at Tin House, “Vodka Party/Drum Solo,” the truth as I remember it. 

It’s hard for me to pick a favorite story but “Vicissitudes, CA” comes close. It definitely features three of my favorite characters: Chu Chu the dog, dead whales, and Miranda July. You can read all about them over at the New England Review. The story was also picked up by the good folks at Longreads, Longform, and blogged about over at The Billfold (“What’s an Ethnomusicologist to Do?”). How cool is that? 

The wonderful TriQuarterly published “The Fourth Man,” which has space dogs, space rabbits, space mice, and spacemen. Some other things as well. Painting, for example. Dams.

Joyland published “All of the Arctic Explorers.” Technically, it doesn’t have all of them. But it has a lot. 

"The Beast of Marriage" was published as an online extra for the Beauty Issue by the lovely people at Tin House.

Salt Hill published “Some Zombies,” which is about some zombies.

Barrelhouse was kind enough to publish “Sex: An Intercourse,” of which one online reader said: “It paints a picture without really painting anything.” Indeed. 

An interview where I accidentally insult T.C. Boyle and T.C. Boyle purposefully compliments me can be found at 42opus

Also at 42opus, “The Kingdom of Norway,” which was nominated for Dzanc’s Best of the Web anthology.

My debut story, “Rose,” in the debut issue of Hot Metal Bridge.